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PurpleWhiskers Shrimp Floats
12g & 20g
Our own design, and very popular Shrimping Float

£3.25 each
Chubber Floats
Sizes 3 & 4 Swan

These are the bizz for "Long Trotting"

£1.75 each
Green Genies
High impact ABS sliding shrimp floats

Available in 8g, 12g, 18g

£2.75 each
VMC Round Bend Trebles
1X strength, High Carbon Steel,
Bronze finish - Needle sharp.
Perfect nicked under the head of a shrimp!

£2.95 (10 Per Pack)
1.5"/2"/2.5" Shrimp Pins
£2.95 (10 Per Pack)
Kamasan B940s
Short shank version of the B940.
Chemically sharpened, High carbon steel needle point roundbend Aberdeen's.

SIZES 1, 1/0, AND 2/0.

£1.75 Per Pack
Kamasan B950u
Sizes 1, 1/0 & 2/0

£1.75 Per Pack
Jack Hilton Carp Hook
Size 1/0
Perfect for small Prawn & Shrimp

£3.99 (10 per pack)
8mm Black Rubber Shock Beads
One either side of your main lead
will protect your float & knots from damage

£1.25 (25 Per Pack)
8mm Sakuma Yellow Beads
£1.25 (30 Per Pack)
TFT Silicon Mucilin Line Grease
For maintaining a floating line, making it easier to "mend" & keeping you in better contact with your float meaning more positive hook ups

£2.75 each
Elasticated Thread
Ultra Ultra Fine bait elastic (The thinnest you can get!)
Comes inside its own plastic tube dispenser

2.5g Winged Shot
The most user friendly split shot available
Simply squeeze the wings to open and re-use time and time again.
Both simple, and brilliant!

£2.25 (20 Per Pack)
Barrel Leads
7g / 10g / 15g
6 Per Pack

Rolling Swivels
Size #4 & #6
Small, smooth & super tough

£2.50 (10 Per Pack)
Silicone Rubber Float Stops
Colours may vary

£1.25 Per Pack
Snag Free Worm/Shrimp Controllers
Available in 10g, 20g and 30g
1 Per Pack

£1 each
Bouncing Betty's
3/4" and 1"

Snag Free device for use when freelining or fishing Devon Minnows etc

£2.99 Per Pack
Stainless Steel Braid Scissors
Perfect for Braid/Nylon etc

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